Solo Exhibitions


2013 Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2011 Scenic Affairs, Project Room 3, Municipal Art Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus

2010 Ουρανέ, Όχι δεν θα Πω το Ναι, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus

2008 Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France.

2008  Artathina 2008 (Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos), Athens, Greece

2007 Full Of U, Notgallery, Naples, Italy

2007 Solutions That Make Life Beautiful, Allegra Ravizza Art Project, Milan, Italy

2006 I promise you will love me forever. Before and After, Rena Bransten gallery, San   

         Francisco, USA. Curator Leigh Markopoulos 

2006 I promise, you will love me forever, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia,


2005 Gravy Planet, (with Constantia Sofocleous), Biennale Di Venezia, Italy. Curator Chus


2003 Under Construction, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus

2002 “Sale” Project, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

2001 SALE, Werk Hall 8 Siemens, Leipzig, Germany. Organized by Siemens Kultur

         Programm. Curator Dirk Luckow        

2000 SALE, Klapper Hall Gallery, Queens College-CUNY, New York, USA        

1998 My dearest Green Line,  Caelum Gallery, New York,USA

1996 The Journey Begins, Diaspro Art Center, Nicosia, Cyprus   

1994 Theatro ENA, Nicosia, Cyprus